Walther Embedding Program

Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center, Indiana University and Oncological Sciences Center, Purdue Discovery Park

About The Program


Create a culture for the effective exchange of knowledge to allow clinical perspectives to drive the design of new chemistries, engineered devices/structures and mathematical predictive models that will make a critical difference in delivering effective cancer treatment.


  • Create Research Embedding Teams comprised of:
    • engineering or physical sciences postdoctoral fellow,
    • medical fellow or resident,
    • Indiana University Simon Cancer Center (IUSCC) faculty mentor
    • Purdue Physics/Chemistry/Engineering faculty mentor
  • Teams submit proposal for a Research Embedding Team.
  • Selected projects will be awarded:
    • Postdoctoral fellow salary for 2 years
    • Medical fellow salary for 2 years
    • Project funds
    • Travel funds
  • Embed postdoctoral fellows in the clinics at the IUSCC
  • Embed medical fellows/residents in laboratories at Purdue

Research Embedding Team project proposals are accepted on a rolling basis.

The call for proposals: information coming soon
For Online submission of Research Embedding Team project proposals, use the Log In button below.

Program Funding Provided by the Walther Cancer Foundation, Purdue University (Vice President for Research, Colleges of Science and Engineering, Oncological Sciences Center and Purdue Center for Cancer Research), and Indiana University Simon Cancer Center Address Program Questions to Ned Howell: ned@purdue.edu or Kris Swank at kswank@purdue.edu at 494-4674

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