Cancer Prevention Interdisciplinary Education Program (CPIP)

What is the CPIP program?


The Cancer Prevention Interdisciplinary Education Program is a program for which faculty were funded by the National Cancer Institute funded program to partner with the Oncological Sciences Center and the Discovery Learning Center. The program provides support and curricular activities for undergraduate and graduate students with the goal of attracting and training researchers in the area of cancer prevention. The program, with rigorous outcome assessments, exposes students early in their academic careers to the broad aspects of cancer prevention, from basic science and engineering to behavioral and social sciences to better equip students to include interdisciplinary strategies on their own. The program is designed to support research activities, and provide educational and research opportunities that will support continued student interests and maximize abilities to advance cancer prevention research, including enhance the ability of the students to work in interdisciplinary teams.

The Cancer Prevention Interdisciplinary Education Program (CPIP) is an undergraduate and graduate interdisciplinary program in cancer prevention designed to:

    • Increase interest in the pursuit of graduate studies and subsequent careers in cancer prevention research;
    • Provide exposure to broad range of disciplinary fields to prepare students to better approach reseach problems,
    • Prepare these students for successful careers in research.

Graduate Fellowship Program

Application submission is open for the Purdue Cancer Prevention Internship Program graduate student fellowships. Fellowships provide a one year stipend, beginning in June 2016, and tuition to predoctoral students who have cancer prevention within the focus of their dissertation research, from the colleges of Health and Human Sciences, Science, Liberal Arts or whose mentor is a member of the Purdue Center for Cancer Research. The internship includes curricular and extracurricular requirements to introduce students to cross discipline approaches to cancer prevention research and to enhance abilities in interdisciplinary communication and research teams.

Program requirements and application information.

Contact Dorothy Teegarden ( with questions.

Undergraduate Internship Program

Undergraduates that will create a new pool of scientists who will effectively address research problems in cancer prevention. This program will be administered through the Discovery Undergraduate Research Internship (DURI) program. See for deadline on project submission by faculty and student application process.

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