Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship

Seminar Series

General Overview

Student participants are required to enroll in the one-credit, pass/no-pass seminar series, GS49000.  The Wilke seminar series supplies interns with a broad overview of research-related professional development topics as well as an introduction to liberal arts research and scholarship. This course is designed to cover issues meaningful to a diverse collection of student backgrounds and research topics.  Guest speakers engage students in seminars introducing them to the essentials of conducting research: professional relationships, laboratory training, grant writing, publications, and confidentiality and intellectual property rights.  Other lecturers discuss the graduate school application process: what to consider when selecting a program and advisor; how to prepare an application; and where to look for funding sources.  The seminar also affords students the opportunity to meet periodically in small groups to discuss progress on their individual projects.  The course requires students to maintain a reflective journal and to submit an end-of-semester report, either a project paper (fall semester) or project poster (spring semester).

The class has the following learning objectives:

  1. Increase student understanding of the importance of liberal arts research and its potential impact on educational and future career goals.
  2. Explore a field, build research skills, and develop a working relationship with a group of faculty.
  3. Appreciate basic safety, ethical, and interpersonal issues involved with doing scientific research.
  4. Increase student interest in attending graduate school and/or pursuing research related careers.
  5. Aid in the student's transition into a research environment.