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Statement of Understanding

The purpose of the Interns for Indiana Program is to support start-up companies in the state of Indiana and connect students with potential professional positions. For this objective to be achieved, students must be placed with companies that have the potential to grow and create jobs for Purdue graduates. If accepted into the Interns for Indiana Program, the employer accepts the following responsibilities related to its participation in the Purdue University Interns for Indiana Program:

  1. Participate in the IfI selection and matching process. Regularly communicate with the staff during this process and submit all requested materials on time for participation in the program.
  2. Submit a signed Memorandum of Understanding and company membership fee by the current deadline.
  3. Provide internship experience related to the intern’s field of study or skills. The experience should supplement, enhance, and utilize the student’s background. The responsibilities should push the student to expand his/her technical abilities and enhance the student’s educational development. Provide diversified assignments, when applicable, to give the intern a variety of experiences.
  4. Submit a Learning Contract completed jointly by a company representative and the intern, for approval by the Interns for Indiana staff.
  5. Place the intern under the supervision of a qualified manager who can provide her/him with effective training, guidance during the work session, feedback and evaluation, and can assist the intern in adapting to the work environment and the organization.
  6. Monitor intern hours to verify that they are within the program guidelines.
  7. Communicate regularly with the IfI staff to provide progress reports and immediately report any problems to the IfI staff.
  8. Permit IfI staff to visit the work site and meet with the interns periodically to review the program.
  9. Participate in the assessment process of the IfI program.
  10. Understand that the student is acting independently as an intern for their own educational benefit. The student is not considered to be an employee of Purdue University nor the participating company.
  11. State that the employer is an equal opportunity employer and adhere to the university’s policies on affirmative action. Purdue is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment and as stated in our Anti-harassment Policy, Purdue "will not tolerate harassment of its faculty, staff, or students by persons conducting business with or visiting the University, even though such persons are not directly affiliated with the University." These policies can be viewed on Purdue’s website for the Office of the Vice President for Ethics and Compliance at

Submission of the Employer Application is a sign of acceptance to these terms.

Interns for Entrepreneurship

Interns for Entrepreneurship is Purdue's high-tech startup company internship program. We currently offer opportunities in Indiana and Northeast Ohio.