Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Program

"CPIP: Breast Cancer Biomarkers in Developing Rat Mammary Gland"

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Full-Year 2016 - CPIP
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Project Description:
Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and a leading cause of cancer death among women. Also cancer incidence has increased in younger women that are obese. It has been found that lifestyle factors such as physical activity and diet play a role in attenuating the incidence of breast cancer. Current research is beginning to show that exercise during pregnancy can convey long term health benefits to the offspring. In light of these studies, the goal of this project is to determine if maternal physical activity during pregnancy can lead to reduced mammary tumor development in female offspring by investigating cancer biomarkers that are present in the developing rat mammary gland. This study provides an important foundation towards the possibility of developing additional and more effective modes of behavior modification for the prevention of cancers.
Expected Student Contributions:
The detection of tumor specific proteins will be identified by qRT-PCR on rat tissue lysate that has been homogenized in liquid nitrogen by mortar and pestle. Techniques utilized will include tissue homogenization, BCA assays, and qRT-PCR. Software will be utilized to quantify the abundance of the protein of interest against a constitutively made protein. The student will be expected to read the literature pertaining to the project, perform presentations to the lab on the advancement of the project, and perform presentations outside the lab via Powerpoint and/or posters.
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Professor in Charge

Camarillo, Ignacio
biological sciences

Student Supervisor

Ignacio Camrillo
Associate Professor

Cooperating Faculty

Raji Sundararajan
College of Technology