Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Program

"Determination of Mechanical Properties of Compacts"

About the Project

Project Time & Type:
Fall 2011 - DURI
Research area(s):
Pharmaceuticals, Food, Materials, and Engineering
Project Description:
Determination of mechanical properties of compacts. Powders usually have some tendency to easily or not to compaction. These properties are important to ensure a good tablet. No patient would like a tablet that is chipped or breaks easily or a tablet that does not dissolve and it is solid like a rock!
Expected Student Contributions:
The candidate will work in the lab making compacts. These will be subjected to some tests to determine the mechanical properties. Student will participate in design, implementation, and analysis.
Related Website(s):
still in progress
Desired Qualifications:
Good GPA, courses related on materials, powders, mechanics of powders. Any training will be provided. It is important that the candidate is interested in this research, motivated, committed and with creativity.
Estimated Weekly Hours:
Department awards independent research credits for this project?
Yes, 3 credit hours

Professor in Charge

Carvajal, Teresa
agricultural and biological engineering

Student Supervisor

Andrew Otte
Post-doctoral Fellow

Cooperating Faculty

Rodolfo Pinal
IPPH/ Pharmacy