Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Program

"Glucose Biosenors and BioMEMs Design for Physiological Sensing"

About the Project

Project Time & Type:
Summer 2010 - DURI
Research area(s):
Biosensors, cell/tissue signaling, physiology
Project Description:
The project involves application of a novel glucose microbiosenor in a novel sensing modality known as self-referencing. Self referencing is a noise filtering technique (analogous to what is used in modern hearing aids) which allows us to "listen" to glucose signaling events (flux) between cells, tissues, and/or organs. A model yeast cell line will be used to validate the use of the technique, and glucose flux will be coupled with oxygen and proton flux. The second part of the project will involve application of a lab on chip device we have recently developed for simultaneously measuring glucose, oxygen and proton flux in a multiplexing format for individual yeast cells.
Expected Student Contributions:
The intern will be following established protocol for fabricating and using glucose microbiosensor and BioMEMs technologies for improving our understanding of metabolism in a model cell line (yeast). The student will be responsible for culturing cells, building sensors, and analyzing glucose transport using the microsensor platform as well as the lab-on-chip platform.
Related Website(s):
Desired Qualifications:
Background/interest in biology, biochemistry, biphysics, or biological engineering.
Estimated Weekly Hours:
Department awards independent research credits for this project?
Yes, 3 credit hours

Professor in Charge

Porterfield, D. Marshall
agricultural and biological engineering

Student Supervisor

Eric McLamore
Post Doc

Cooperating Faculty

Jenna L. Rickus
Biomedical Engineering