Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Program

"Modification and Characterization of Elastin Like Polypeptide Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery"

About the Project

Project Time & Type:
Fall 2016 - DURI
Research area(s):
Bindley Bioscience Center, Rm 234
Project Description:
Expression and purification of a library of Elastin Like Polypeptide(ELP) biopolymers using established methods. Alternative purification can be done using histidine tag- Ni+ NTA resin, attempting to determine most reliable purification scheme. Characterization of transition temperatures of ELP’s using spectroscopic methods. Performance and optimization of chemical cleavage of biopolymer to remove histidine tag. Modification of ELP’s on specific amino acid residues with varying pendant groups. Complexation of modified ELP pendant biopolymer with macrocyclic compounds and characterization of physical and chemical properties. In vitro tests for cytotoxicity and therapeutic efficacy in bladder cancer cell lines.
Expected Student Contributions:
The intern will assist with protein expression and purification for use in nanoparticle preparations. They will also assist with performance testing of the nanoparticles in cell culture experiments.
Related Website(s):
Desired Qualifications:
GPA > 2.8
Estimated Weekly Hours:
Department awards independent research credits for this project?
Yes, 3 credit hours

Professor in Charge

Thompson, David

Student Supervisor

Craig Sweet
Graduate Student

Cooperating Faculty

Timothy Ratliff
Comparative Pathobiology