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DURI - Spring 2018
Project Title Professor/Instructor Time Type Research Areas
HC: Archaeogenomic Research on the Origins of Temperate Cultivation of Old World Cotton Brite, Elizabeth Spring 2018 DURI archaeology/anthropology, agriculture, botany, evolutionary biology, genetics
Biosensing and Pathogen Detection with Optical Spectroscopy Chen, Yong Spring 2018 DURI Physics; Optics; Photonics; Biology; Life Science;
Computer Vision using Renewable Energy Lu, Yung-hsiang Spring 2018 DURI Computer Engineering, Environment Engineering
Policy Aspects of Infrastructure Design for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Peeta, Srinivas Spring 2018 DURI Global Sustainability
Big Idea Challenge in Global Food-Water-Energy Sustainability Research Song, Carol X. Spring 2018 DURI software engineering, scientific computing, economic modeling, geospatial data processing and visualization
Increasing sustainability in perennial crops Ebert, David S. Spring 2018 DURI Sustainability, policy, agricultural economics, electrical and computer engineering
DURI - Fall 2017
Project Title Professor/Instructor Time Type Research Areas
HC: Centering Perspectives on Well-Being from the Urban Periphery Ware, Jason Fall 2017 DURI Community indicators, well-being, quality of life, sustainability, community performance, healthy communities
HC: Victorian Women, Urban Violence and Digital Mapping Anwer, Megha Fall 2017 DURI Gender and sexuality; urban studies; digital humanities; literature; journalism; sociology; history
DURI: Biowall research and commercialization Hutzel, William Fall 2017 DURI Indoor Air Quality, HVAC, Horticulture, Biochemistry, etc.
DURI: In vivo whole brain vascular network imaging Cui, Meng Fall 2017 DURI neurophotonics, bioimaging, optical science and engineering, image processing
DURI: Erbium nanophotonics for quantum communications Hosseini, Mahdi Fall 2017 DURI nanophotonics, quantum optics
DURI: Security and Employee Agency in the Sharing Economy Toombs, Austin Fall 2017 DURI sharing economy; sociology of technology; human-computer interaction; care ethics; cybersecurity; privacy
DURI: Optimizing Energy Consumption for Ground Service Vehicles Johnson, Mary Fall 2017 DURI Sustainablity, Ground Vehicles, Air transport, energy, emissions
DURI: Fabrication and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Cellulose Nanofiber Plaques Wei, Alexander Fall 2017 DURI Civil Eng., Mater. Sci. Eng., Chemistry
DURI: Radiative cooling: atmospheric optical modeling Bermel, Peter Fall 2017 DURI Global sustainability; optics; thermal radiation
DURI: Detection of hemorrhage from arterial blood pressure Griffin, Paul Fall 2017 DURI Computational Science
DURI: Improved natural disaster response using social media Surakitbanharn, Chittayong Fall 2017 DURI Disaster management, computer science, engineering, and/or public policy
DURI: Plasmonic Interconnects with Alternative Materials Boltasseva, Alexandra Fall 2017 DURI Nanophotonics