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CPIP - Full-Year 2018
Project Title Professor/Instructor Time Type Research Areas
Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Prevention Teegarden, Dorothy Full-Year 2018 CPIP vitamin D, breast cancer, metabolism
Identifying bioactive components from an extract of L.origanoides inducing apoptosis in triple-negative breast cancer cells. Camarillo, Ignacio Full-Year 2018 CPIP Triple negative breast cancer, apoptosis, cell signaling
Assessing genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of the developmental origin of cancer associated with exposure to environmental chemical contaminants Freeman, Jennifer Full-Year 2018 CPIP Endocrine disruption, molecular and environmental toxicology, cancer, melanoma, epigenetics
The role of epigenetics in the response to oxidative stress during renal cancer initiation Dykhuizen, Emily Full-Year 2018 CPIP Epigenetics and environmental stress in cancer initiation/prevention
Preventing suffering form Cancer Pain Shields, Cleveland Full-Year 2018 CPIP Cancer Prevention
Assessing Fic proteins from Helicobacter pylori as novel Virulence Factors involved in Gastric Cancer Mattoo, Seema Full-Year 2018 CPIP Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology
Metabolic impact on epigenetic processes Kirchmaier, Ann Full-Year 2018 CPIP Epigenetics, Metabolism