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DURI - Spring 2018
Project Title Professor/Instructor Time Type Research Areas
HC: Archaeogenomic Research on the Origins of Temperate Cultivation of Old World Cotton Brite, Elizabeth Spring 2018 DURI archaeology/anthropology, agriculture, botany, evolutionary biology, genetics
DURI - Fall 2017
Project Title Professor/Instructor Time Type Research Areas
DURI: Biowall research and commercialization Hutzel, William Fall 2017 DURI Indoor Air Quality, HVAC, Horticulture, Biochemistry, etc.
DURI: In vivo whole brain vascular network imaging Cui, Meng Fall 2017 DURI neurophotonics, bioimaging, optical science and engineering, image processing
DURI: Erbium nanophotonics for quantum communications Hosseini, Mahdi Fall 2017 DURI nanophotonics, quantum optics
DURI: Security and Employee Agency in the Sharing Economy Toombs, Austin Fall 2017 DURI sharing economy; sociology of technology; human-computer interaction; care ethics; cybersecurity; privacy
DURI: Optimizing Energy Consumption for Ground Service Vehicles Johnson, Mary Fall 2017 DURI Sustainablity, Ground Vehicles, Air transport, energy, emissions
DURI: Fabrication and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Cellulose Nanofiber Plaques Wei, Alexander Fall 2017 DURI Civil Eng., Mater. Sci. Eng., Chemistry
DURI: Radiative cooling: atmospheric optical modeling Bermel, Peter Fall 2017 DURI Global sustainability; optics; thermal radiation
DURI: Detection of hemorrhage from arterial blood pressure Griffin, Paul Fall 2017 DURI Computational Science
DURI: Improved natural disaster response using social media Surakitbanharn, Chittayong Fall 2017 DURI Disaster management, computer science, engineering, and/or public policy
DURI: Plasmonic Interconnects with Alternative Materials Boltasseva, Alexandra Fall 2017 DURI Nanophotonics
HC: Centering Perspectives on Well-Being from the Urban Periphery Ware, Jason Fall 2017 DURI Community indicators, well-being, quality of life, sustainability, community performance, healthy communities
HC: Victorian Women, Urban Violence and Digital Mapping Anwer, Megha Fall 2017 DURI Gender and sexuality; urban studies; digital humanities; literature; journalism; sociology; history