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Available Projects

CPIP - Full-Year 2018
Project Title Professor/Instructor Time Type Research Areas
Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Prevention Teegarden, Dorothy Full-Year 2018 CPIP vitamin D, breast cancer, metabolism
Assessing genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of the developmental origin of cancer associated with exposure to environmental chemical contaminants Freeman, Jennifer Full-Year 2018 CPIP Endocrine disruption, molecular and environmental toxicology, cancer, melanoma, epigenetics
The role of epigenetics in the response to oxidative stress during renal cancer initiation Dykhuizen, Emily Full-Year 2018 CPIP Epigenetics and environmental stress in cancer initiation/prevention
Preventing suffering form Cancer Pain Shields, Cleveland Full-Year 2018 CPIP Cancer Prevention
Assessing Fic proteins from Helicobacter pylori as novel Virulence Factors involved in Gastric Cancer Mattoo, Seema Full-Year 2018 CPIP Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology
Metabolic impact on epigenetic processes Kirchmaier, Ann Full-Year 2018 CPIP Epigenetics, Metabolism
DURI - Summer 2017
Project Title Professor/Instructor Time Type Research Areas
Open Source Intelligence using Global Network Cameras Lu, Yung-hsiang Summer 2017 DURI Computer Engineering
exhaled breath condensates for detection of stress and early-stage disease Wei, Alexander Summer 2017 DURI sensors, thin-film engineering, chemistry
Security and User Deception in Interactive Computing Systems Gray, Colin Summer 2017 DURI Human-computer interaction, user experience design, design research
Developing Cost-Effective Thermoelectric Materials for Civil Infrastructure Applications Lu, Na Summer 2017 DURI Nanomaterials
Conformal Thermoelectric Generator for Self-powered Sensors Lu, Na Summer 2017 DURI materials science, electrical engineering
Global food security through reducing water consumption in perennial crops Ebert, David Summer 2017 DURI Food security, food science, engineering, public policy.
Development of a plant tattoo for managing crop stress Yuan, Chongli Summer 2017 DURI Global food sustainability
Journalists Under Threat: Does Economic Anxiety Change the Way Journalists Report About Terrorism? Hoffman, Aaron Summer 2017 DURI Global Security
Ultrafast single-photon emitter for secure quantum communication Shalaev, Vladimir M. Summer 2017 DURI Nanophotonics, Quantum Optics
Detection of hemorrhage for mass casualty application Griffin, Paul Summer 2017 DURI Biomedical engineering, Computer science
Individualized medicine for better care outcomes-- applications in military medicine Reklaitis, Rex Summer 2017 DURI Healthcare
DURI - Fall 2017
Project Title Professor/Instructor Time Type Research Areas
HC: Centering Perspectives on Well-Being from the Urban Periphery Ware, Jason Fall 2017 DURI Community indicators, well-being, quality of life, sustainability, community performance, healthy communities
HC: Victorian Women, Urban Violence and Digital Mapping Anwer, Megha Fall 2017 DURI Gender and sexuality; urban studies; digital humanities; literature; journalism; sociology; history